Geo Park Amanohitotsune

After renting bicycle at grocery store near the ferry terminal, I headed to the visitor center. On the way and near the village hall, you can find a big obsidian rock is placed. You will be warm welcomed by staff and recommended watching a short video about the island. It is surprising to see display of elephant fossils that were found in the sea.    (2017. Dec)



Himeshimamura 1671-1, Higashikunisaki-gun, Oita-ken



Amanohitotsune Information Center ジオパーク天一根

Himeshima view from ferry フェリーから見た姫島

Himeshima Geology 姫島の地質図

Island History 1 島の成り立ち 1

Island History 2 島の成り立ち 2

Sample of convolute lamination コンボリュートラミナの剥ぎ取り標本

Obsidian 黒曜岩

Obsidian 黒曜岩