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Tottori Sand Dune

 Tottori sand dune is the second largest dune in Japan (The largest one is forbidden area due to self defense zone). The dune has been created by sand that granitic rocks in Chugoku Mountains eroded and carried to the sea down the Sendai river. The sand arrived to the sea has been blowed up by strong wind, especially by north west monsoon and formed the sand dune.  (2018. May)








Volcanic Ash Layer Outcrop

Creation of Tottori sand dune is believed started back to 150,000 to 140,000 years ago. Since that time until now, there was era volcanic ash was deposited. The orange color area of the pole photographed right side of the picture shows that period, mostly consists of pumice from Daisen Mountain erupted around 50,000 years ago. Aso-4 volcanic ash (about 90,000 years ago) and Sanbe Moutain pumice (about 110,000 years ago) have also been found.  Layers showed white on the pole are sand layers, above and below of the volcanic ash layer.

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