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山陰海岸ジオパーク 海と大地の自然館


Sanin Coast Geopark - Museum of the Earth and the Sea

It is a small natural museum but the exhibit is well organized from the history of Japan island to the local geology and fishes. I thought this place was very similar to Tottri Prefectural Museum and it is almost like a smaller version of  it.  (May 2018)

〒681-0001 鳥取県岩美郡岩美町牧谷1794-4


1794-4 Makidani, Iwami-chō, Iwami-gun, Tottori-ken 681-0001

建物  Building

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日本列島形成の歴史 History of Japanese islands

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浦富海岸の地質 Geology of Uradome Coast

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地磁気逆転の発見と玄武洞の玄武岩 Discovery of geomagnetic reversal by Matsuyama and Geubu-gan(basalt) in Genbu-do Cave

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さかなクンのイラスト Fish illustration by Sakana-kun (famous Japanese academic)

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山陰海岸の生物 Local sea life

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