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Oya Stone

It is named because the stone has been mined around Oya area in Utsunomiya city. It is actually rock that was formed under the sea about 15M years ago from rhyolite, dacite volcanic ash, pebble, pumice and part of green tuff area which was developed during Japanese Archipelago development process.

You can walk the underground mine that was in operation until 1986. It has 140m x 150m wide space and the depth is 30 meters in average and the deepest point is 60 meters.

The space is also used for movie shooting and as venue for luxury brand reception. 

Tuff outcrops nearby and image of buddha carved into a rock face at Otani Kannon(Temple), 10 minutes walk from Oya Stone, will be worth seeing too. (2017. Nov)



大谷資料館では地下採掘場跡を見学することができ、約2万平方メートル(140m x 150m) 深さは平均30m(最深の部分は60m) と野球場がすっぽり入ってしまう大きさです。






​Oyamachi 909, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken

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